Inclusive Certified Chief Innovation Officer – CCInO Exam Prep Bundle

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GInI Certified Chief Innovation Officer (CCInO)® is GInI’s recognition of senior business leaders who have demonstrated an advanced understanding of key topics relating to enterprise innovation, innovation strategy, innovation groups, innovation spaces, management and workplace innovation, and other leading innovation practices.

The course consists of two parts:

  • First part:

Section One – Foundation: Core Innovation Knowledge & Concepts: Chapters 1-12

Section Two – Tactical Innovation & The Innovation Professional: Chapters 13-21

Section Three – Innovation Management & The Innovation Manager: Chapters 22-31

  • Second part:

Section Four – Applied Design Thinking: Chapters 32-39

  • Third part:

Section Five – Strategic Innovation & The Innovation Strategist: Chapters 40-46.

  • Fourth part:

Section six – Enterprise Innovation & the chief Innovation Officer: Chapters 47-55

Section seven – Innovation in the External Environment- Driving New Business Ventures: Chapters 56-57

The GInI Applied Innovation Master Book® is a comprehensive reference book written for working business professionals seeking to understand the diverse array of concepts associated with business innovation. The book presents these concepts in such a way that business professionals can understand and apply in the context of the whole practice of innovation and use effectively at every level of the organization.

The CCInO exam simulation offered by AInI simulates the experience of taking the CCInO Certification Exam. Exam questions are randomly selected from the CCInO Online Course material and covers each knowledge area – section – in the GInI Applied Innovation Master Book (AInMB) First Edition.

This exam simulation gives you immediate access to 1170+ realistic CCInO exam sample questions in 9 exams, each package consists of 3 exam simulations. Question style and difficulty matches closely what you can expect to see on your actual exam. The questions have been developed by a team of subject matter experts and twelve certified CCInO’s. They are also revisited and updated to the latest CCInO Examination Content Outline from the Global Innovation Institute (GInI)®.


AInMB+ Course + Free Simulation Test


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