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During the checkout process, you will automatically create your personal account. If you already have an account, you can simply log in and choose the courses from the list

You can start your course right after the successful payment.

We packed all your professional essentials to powerfully equip you with our courses. Our courses take between 2.5 and 40 hours to complete. All of our courses are 100% online, self-paced, interactive, and text-based including lots of pictures, graphs, and diagrams. You can find the duration per course on the course list here.

Our courses are designed for professionals, whether they are students or professionals with a career. Therefore, some courses may require specific prior knowledge or experience. Please click here for more information.

Course & Program Certificates

To gain your certificate, you have to complete an online course followed by a test. You can retake the test several times free of charge. Also, there is no time limit. You will receive your certificate as a digital (pdf) file. We do not send any hard copies. Keep in mind, that not all courses require that as some are prep courses for an awarding body exam.

The Applied Innovation Institute holds its distance learning programs to the same high standards that are held by traditional educational institutions. Our certificates are highly recognized and accepted by many employers around the world. We are accredited by multiple entities and verified as an institution to issue certifications. Please note that we do not award academic titles or degrees. However, most organizations do recognize our certificates as valid and professional.

To find and download all your certificates, simply log-in, select “My Account” and click on “My Certificates“.

The Applied Innovation Institute supports the concept of replacing paper-based documents with more modern alternatives. Therefore, you will receive all your certificates as digital files (pdf) to store and share your qualifications more easily. We do not send hard copies.

If you need a hard copy of your certificate, we recommend you to print it with a high-quality electrophotographic printer. Both products – the digital certificate and your personal printout – are valid versions. Employers and educational institutions can always verify our certificates by the ID code on each certificate through our verification system.

If you complete 6 courses in a specific field, you will receive a program certificate without any additional fees. You can find these programs on our course list here.

Cost & Payment

Our online courses and offerings vary in their cost. However, these costs include the course content as well as your personal certificate. There are no additional costs. You can find all prices here.

We do accept all major credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc.) and major debit cards for your payment. Unfortunately, we do not accept manual bank transfers. If you use the credit card of a third party (e.g. family member or close friend), please make sure that this person approves your payment.

All of our courses are paid upfront. You can start studying right after successful payment.

Many reasons may cause your payment to fail. Some error sources and solutions:

• Check your credit card details for mistakes
• Make sure there is enough money on your account
• Use PayPal as an alternative payment
• Use another credit card

Problem with Order or Account

Please use a credit card or PayPal for your payment. There are various reasons why a payment may fail. Some error sources and solutions are:

• Check your entered credit card details for mistakes
• Make sure there is enough money on your account
• Use PayPal as an alternative payment
• Use another credit card

Please do the following:

  • Log in and check if the course appears in the “My Courses” section check your email inbox for your AInI order confirmation email
  • Check with your bank if the money was deducted from your account
  • If your order was successful and you can’t get course access, please send an email to with your name and your order ID.
If you accidentally bought a course twice or if you purchased the wrong course, please contact us at and inform us about your problem. We will issue you a ticket and follow up on it with you.
  • If you forgot your user password, please click here to reset it. Just in case, please double check the spam folder in your email inbox.
  • If you need to change your name or your email address, simply log in, go to “My Account” and choose “My Settings“.

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