Meet The Dedicated Women Behind The Scene

Shatha Badawi

Founder & CEO

Shatha is the CEO and founder of the Applied Innovation Institute. As a former university lecturer and project manager in the NGO sector, Shatha has long been an advocate for education and women, with a balanced approach to learning, wellness and empowerment. As the CEO of AInI, the all-in-one eLearning platform in innovation, Shatha aims to make it simple and sustaining for everyone to learn and enrich on both personal and professional levels.

Since 2019, Shatha has helped to expand the platform’s offerings to its professionals. Her commitment to quality has cemented AInI’s reputation, delivering real results to hundreds of professionals across the globe. Through AInI, Shatha aims to help millions of professionals to achieve their goals and to empower millions of women to fulfil their lives.

Shatha has navigated a 15-year career in education, building capacities and managing projects. Despite earning degrees from the University of Texas at Arlington, she has faced immeasurable bias over the course of her career in gaining entry to opportunities in the market.

Along with her role at AInI, Shatha also serves as a member in the Business and Professional Women Amman (BPWA), and is a founding member of “Single Foster Mothers”, addressing women and children custody issues, divorce impact and community issues in Amman, Jordan.

As a former Kick boxer, Shatha sees hurdles as cycles of growth that get higher and higher over time; as she goes with their flow she jumps from one level to the next. As such she has committed her entire life to eliminating market inefficiencies that limit opportunities for talented and innovative professionals and women.

Muneera Al-Sadah

Business Development Director

Although Muneera’s background is in the legal field, She decided to join this women-empowered institute to explore the world of innovation and online learning. Her role is split between planning, executing, business development and sales strategies.

She found passion in supporting other professional women from different nationalities and cultures in joining the work force. Sharing the same beliefs and values with AInI, now she can advocate for women rights while stepping in the new era of eLearning.   

As an Iraqi national, Muneera encountered some hurdles in finding a job that suits her character and fulfill her dreams. She believes that “qualified professional women should have a fair chance to work anywhere regardless of their nationality or background”.

Tala Anabtawi

Graphic Designer

Driven and passionate about what she does, Tala freshly graduated from the German Jordanian University with a bachelor’s degree in design and Visual communication.

Coming from Palestinian origins, she faced some challenges in joining the Jordanian work force, however, she was welcomed to join our team with open arms.

Sharing her ideas and messages in artistic ways, she is currently working on publishing her photo-book “Apartheid Murals.”

Aya Al-Mufleh

Operations Officer

Aya is the care giver! She works closely with our professionals’ accounts and is always there to meet their needs. She is your helper whether you want to set-up your account or inquire what course best suits you or what should you enroll in next.

Lama Al-Saheb

Operations Officer

Lama is the operations officer every team wishes to have! She evaluates the efficiency of our daily operations and applies improvements. She is a Multi-tasker, creative, and responsible.


Melanie Jefferson

Account Manager

Melanie generate sales among client accounts, operates as the point of contact for assigned customers, develops and maintains long-term relationships with accounts, and makes sure clients receive requested products and services in a timely fashion.

She does not hold a university degree, but that never stopped her from improving and learning. She holds many certificates from her own journey of online learning in customer relationship management and sales, which added to what she brings to the table. She works remotely with the team, but we always feel like she is around!

Tala Salhah

Social Media Specialist

Tala is family oriented, outgoing, and thinks outside of the box. She recently graduated from Princess Sumaya University for Technology majoring in E-marketing and Social media. She was fascinated with the major before enrolling and she is thriving for success. Tala is responsible for both social media platform accounts as well for the search engine optimization. As she has the consumer’s eye, she works closely with the design team to develop the most new and unique content.

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